Weekend Getaway to Big Bear

Last weekend my husband and I celebrated our birthdays by going┬áto Big Bear–a place I’d remarkably never been to, despite how close it is to us. It was exactly what we needed, and a great way to escape the triple-degree temps at home. And, I’m already planning the rustic chic decor in our imaginary lake house.

Big Bear was in full fall mode. The local shops had a seasonal contest going on, so we walked by several adorable displays that made us feel like it was autumn (something we don’t get the pleasure of doing every year in Southern California). We meandered through the streets on the way to the lake, stopping to admire the occasional tree with leaves that had actually changed colors. Oh, and the high altitude made us out of breath, so at least we felt like we were getting a good workout in.

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New Orleans

Last week I took a business trip to New Orleans. I’d been there before, and the thing I was looking forward to the most was definitely the food. I remember even the street hot dogs tasting like heaven, so the thought of trying out some new restaurants was pretty exciting. Here are some of the dishes I ate and places I visited:

I liked Port of Call because it was away from the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter, and it looked like a place locals frequented for burgers.

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