We All Scream

When my husband and I received our Minted.com thank you cards, we divided up the recipient list to share the labor and tackle our final wedding “to-do” faster. My half was mailed out last week, while his stack was still in our living room, taunting me with its defiant presence. I knew I had to provide my husband with some extra incentive to get them done; otherwise our guests would probably not get them until our anniversary. So I bribed him.

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A New Spin on Things

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of important events for me, and now I am adjusting to a new life as a married woman. It really hit me this weekend—after the wedding, after coming back from our honeymoon—as I was driving to the grocery store. I was going to by some items to make a couple salads for a potluck we were invited to and also some of my husband’s favorites, which just seemed so “wifey” of me. It’s really been fun so far, especially today when we spent our afternoon tackling our respective home projects. Sharing a one bedroom apartment is tricky when two people merge all of their things, but I’m proud of the creative ways we’ve used our space.

One of the many benefits of being newlyweds is getting to use our newly acquired kitchen gadgets, so I wanted to share the different ways we’ve used them. One of the dishes we brought to the potluck was a spinach and strawberry salad, which gave me the perfect excuse to break out our salad spinner! The results were both fun and delicious!

First I placed washed spinach leaves into the salad spinner bowl.  Image

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