Pumpkin Season

On Saturday, my husband and I took my godson and his little brother to Tanaka Farms in Irvine. It was mine and the boys’ first time there, and it was so much fun! First of all, the place itself is beautiful. Maybe it was the time of day or the rows and rows of pumpkins, but the light and colors all came together for a really lovely afternoon.

We took a ride on a wagon pulled by a tractor around the grounds, which made a stop so that we could watch a pumpkin be shot out of a cannon (the boys really enjoyed that). Then we walked through the corn maze and spent some time looking for the very best pumpkins we could find. There were so many great options, and overall, the whole experience is way more fun than picking one up at the grocery store. If you’re in Orange County and have kids, this is definitely the best place to get your pumpkins this season. Don’t forget your camera!

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