Voila! Penny’s Playground

Joel and I decided that our new kitten needed a place of her own within our apartment to play, but we weren’t thrilled with the boring, beige scratching posts available in stores. Our girl needed something special, so we put our DIY skills to work this weekend to create something we’re pretty happy with. We did our materials shopping at Home Depot (wood, artificial grass, carpet, nails, l-bracket, rope) and Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts (paint, sponges, wooden shapes and cutouts). Then we spent all day Sunday at my parents’ house, and the four of us put it all together in the garage. After several hours of measuring, cutting, paints, stapling, etc., there was a whole lot of smiling. Here’s how we did it.



DSC_1104 DSC_1117 DSC_1120 DSC_1131

The first step was to cut the wood into the appropriate sizes. Painting the bottom of the second and third floors was the next step before carpeting the other sides of the wood pieces. The bottom floor is covered in artificial grass so that it looks like her yard. This is where we will put her food. When she looks up, she can see the blue sky and clouds and play with the hanging sun. We found these cute little animal cutouts and thought they’d be a nice touch to the overall look, but when we found the picket fence there were audible squeals. Her house is on the second floor (painted yellow with a large “P”), which has tassels hanging from the entrance that she already likes to swat at. There’s also a circular hole at the top that she can use to climb out when she’s bigger. That floor has a night sky with stars, a hanging moon and an owl and raccoon. We used a wooden round as the top perch to add a contrasting shape to the structure and wrapped the supporting posts in rope and artificial grass. Because she’s too small to jump directly to the second floor, we made a little ramp with steps. Voila! A customized cat house fit for our little one. Hope you like it as much as she does!






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