Hello, Kitty!

Last weekend my husband sent me a text message with this image.


Yes, it’s a bag full of kittens (you’ve got to be kitten me!). He works at a university, and someone found these three sisters in a campus security golf cart. The person who found them contacted the Humane Society to take them. After seeing them, their representative said that they were too young to take in because at that age (approx. 3 weeks) they require extensive care that they could not give. If he took them, he said, they would be euthanized.

Thank goodness that person decided to drop them off at my husband’s office instead (one of the few open because it’s still summer), hoping someone could take them in. After some discussion, Joel and I decided to bring home the grey and white cutie of the bunch. Within a few days, the rest of the trio was adopted as well.

It’s been one week since Penny has entered into our lives, but we joke that she already has us wrapped around her tiny paw (which doesn’t bode well when we become parents of human babies, ha!). She’s extremely playful, loves to cuddle up on our necks or in between us on the couch, and is now starting to climb and jump from higher places. This week we are weaning her off of the bottle, which will be easier for us to leave her when we go to work, but I’ll miss the way she closes her eyes and paws at the air whenever we feed her.

The only trouble we are having so far is her lack of interest in the litter box, but hopefully we can get that fixed soon. Today we will be working on a project for her, which I shall share as soon as it’s ready. For now, here are some photos of Penny (we decided on that name because we love the Big Bang Theory) if you’d like to see more of our newest family addition.

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