Voila! Personalized Chair Signs

Throughout the wedding-planning process, I really tapped into my inner DIY abilities and looked into several wedding blogs for inspiration. One trend that I really liked were the chair signs for the couple to hang on their seats. There were many cute and silly variations (Mr. and Mrs., His Wife and Her Husband, Ball and Chain), but the pairing that stood out to me was Señor and Señora. Since we had an untraditional wedding, it was a nice nod to my culture in an unexpected way. Like many items that have the word “wedding” in front of it, the ones I found were a bit pricey, so I took a hands-on approach and made them myself.


Photo credit: i68 Photography

The cool thing about this is that it can work for many events where there’s a guest of honor you want to make feel special. “Future Mommy” or “Future Grandma” can work at a baby shower, “The Graduate” for a graduating student, “Birthday Boy” for a birthday party, etc. Plus, when people go up to the guest of honor, it’s a playful pop that people will inevitably see (and point out!) and will make the event a bit more special.

Here’s how I made them:

I bought two pieces of wood at Joann’s. I chose these because they were thin and I didn’t want the signs to be bulky or compete too much with the Chiavari chairs. Then I had two holes drilled into the corners of the wood and spray painted them white.


Wooden signs before and after spray paint

After the wood dried, I taped a piece of paper with the words printed on them in the size and font I wanted. I took a black Sharpie and carefully traced the outside of each letter, but pressing down hard enough so that the ink leaked through onto the wood.


Once I was finished, I removed the paper and filled in the letters in solid black. If you plan on doing this project, make sure you are more careful while filling the edges or use a super thin marker because it can seep out beyond the lines and make the letters seem fuzzy.



I let the ink dry and then strung ribbon through the holes to hang them. Voila! Personalized chair signs. I used navy and white striped ribbon because that was my wedding motif, but the ribbon can be customized to fit any event décor.

Because of the spray paint and marker smells, I did this project outside. If you have a kitty like I do, you know that means you’ll have a curious witness throughout the entire process, too.


Let me know if you plan on creating anything similar to this! My goal is to post more regularly on this blog, and I’d love to know what others out there are doing, too!


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