We All Scream

When my husband and I received our Minted.com thank you cards, we divided up the recipient list to share the labor and tackle our final wedding “to-do” faster. My half was mailed out last week, while his stack was still in our living room, taunting me with its defiant presence. I knew I had to provide my husband with some extra incentive to get them done; otherwise our guests would probably not get them until our anniversary. So I bribed him.


We used Minted.com thank you cards because they have a large selection of designs and liked their card stock quality.

What can motivate a man to write 40 thank-you cards in a weekend you ask? Homemade vanilla ice cream. Here’s how I did it:


First, I combined 1 cup of whole milk, ¾ cup of sugar and a pinch of salt into a medium bowl. Then, I added 2 cups of heavy cream and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.


I covered the sweet mixture (I might have snuck a taste) and put it in the refrigerator. After two hours, I poured it into my Cuisinart ice cream maker and let it mix for 20 minutes. I placed into a Tupperware bowl, sealed it, and put it in the freezer overnight.


Voila! Homemade vanilla ice cream


Vanilla ice cream dressed up with Reese’s shell topping and a homemade cookie

Voila! Homemade vanilla ice cream is made, and wedding thank you cards are finished. Since I let it freeze overnight, my husband actually could not wait any longer and had two scoops for breakfast. The recipe was from the Cuisinart recipe booklet found online here.


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