Bridal Shower Buffet of Goodies

Among other amazing details from my bridal shower was the table full of goodies that guests could take home. It’s always nice to present guests with a memento from an event—and giving them options is even better. This buffet-style concept has become very popular among showers, weddings and other parties lately, but I think there was a few details used here that really made it unique.


Apothecary jars of different shapes and sizes were filled with jewel-toned candy, which made for a bright and cheerful presentation. Some stood out with multiple layers of color, and others had a sheen that made them look like little jewels ready to be picked and devoured. As you can see, stringing ribbon through the printed cards and tying them around the jars made cute labels.


Notice the silver/grey ribbon doesn’t compete against the candy color.


Party planners who want to incorporate the trendy apothecary jar display should pick jars with a big enough opening if people are supposed to reach their hands in. To complete the look, jars were placed on top of decorative doilies. Favor bags were personalized by adding a “Love is Sweet” tag with some pretty scrapbook paper for an added touch.



To make the presentation work for a bridal shower more than any other kind of party, one jar was filled with accessories kits (a small nail file and clipper) and another was filled with nail polish. The ladies in attendance were delighted to pick and choose not only sweets, but also something they could use later on. There are few occasions in life with such feminine energy as a bridal shower, and I think mine was proof of that!


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