It’s Raining Cuisinart!

This weekend I had my bridal shower and was blown away buy all the loving touches that were put into it. It took place at Rutabegorz in Tustin, and I must say, my family really transformed the already adorable space into something fantastic. For anyone looking for ideas in shower planning, using the couple’s engagement photos is a great way to add sweet, personal touches throughout the event.


The U-shaped seats allowed me to see all my beautiful guests.

My fiancé and I love to explore different coffee shops, so they combined that with a chalk aesthetic to create the overall theme. Instead of place cards, each guest received a personalized mug (their names were written in chalk). The mugs were filled with coffee caramel candies. Such a great idea, right?



My fiancé and I also got special “Mr.” and “Mrs.” mugs that I can’t wait to use once we are newlyweds.


One chalk sign was a countdown to our wedding day—a number that is getting smaller very quickly!

Chalk slabs were decorated with different love sayings (ex. “I love you to the moon and back”) and photos of us. I plan to use one in my office and give them away to out-of-town guests who weren’t able to attend. If all that wasn’t enough, each person also got cookies from Donna B’s in Laguna Niguel, which had images from our engagement photo shoot.


Special bridal seat 

I received so much positive feedback from my guests and am so thankful to the people who organized this for me. There are more photos to come for those bridesmaids, shower planners and DIYers out there!


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